Work was made at Plenty. My job was to work on the designing, lighting & shading of different styleframes for the new Swatch collection.
Also had to work on the lighting and shading of all the new models, so you can get a better idea of how  they really look like on their website if you try to buy them online. This are some examples.
    Full Credits:
     Directed by Plenty
     Co-Produced with Jelly London, UK.
     Creative Director: Mariano Farias
     Strategy Director: Hernán Palazzo
     Art Director: Willy Zapiola
     Photo-Production: Montaña Studio, Valencia, Spain.
     Design / Francisco Capuzzi, Willy Zapiola
     Animation Director /Hernán Estévez.
     Executive Producer / Mariano Farías.
     3D modeling, lighting and Shading / Pablo Schiavo, Javier Bianchi, Francisco Capuzzi, Nicolas Reyna, Guillermo Zapiola
     Post / Hernán Estevez, Guillermo Zapiola & Javier Eyherabide
     Production Coordinator / Mercedes Cánepa

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